BB Girls (Formerly Brave Girls) Face Shocking Drop In Album Sales

“Brave Entertainment really messed up their career…”

BB Girls, formerly known as Brave Girls, have had one of the craziest careers in K-Pop. Their journey has seen the members go through several highs and lows. Most recently, fans and industry watchers were left astounded as BB Girls faced an alarming drop in their album sales, a significant contrast to their previous achievements.

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In the aftermath of the viral sensation “Rollin’,” Brave Girls released their mini album Summer Queen, which impressively garnered 60,940 first-week sales on Hanteo.

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Their subsequent release, the repackage titled After We Ride, still fared decently with 11,333 first-week sales. Then the group’s 6th mini album, Thank You, further boosted the spirits with 32,644 first-week sales.

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However, their most recent comeback, ONE MORE TIME under their new brand, BB Girls, saw a shocking drop to 6,110 first-week sales.

There are several speculations surrounding the unexpected decline. One of the leading theories behind the drop in sales is the group’s recent rebranding. Changing a group’s name is always a risk, as it can potentially alienate loyal fans and create confusion in the market.

Another potential cause can be the extremely high competition in the industry, especially among girl groups currently.

2023 has been a power-packed year for girl groups. With chart-topping comebacks and concerts from NewJeans, IVE, LE SSERAFIM, aespa, ITZY, Red Velvet, and BLACKPINK, the K-Pop market this year has been more saturated than ever. This might have divided the attention of K-Pop enthusiasts and affected the sales performance of BB Girls.

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While Brave Girls’ loyal fanbase remains mostly optimistic, attributing the drop to the group’s rebranding and assuring continuous support, the general public expressed shock at the decline, given the group’s established reputation.

Conversations across social media platforms are abuzz, with many fans emphasizing their unwavering love and understanding for the group.

K-Pop’s dynamic nature ensures that no group’s journey is devoid of challenges. While BB Girls are currently facing a dip in sales, their talent and dedicated fanbase promise a hopeful future. The industry and fans alike will be keenly watching their next steps.

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