Brave Girls’ Minyoung And Rapper Verbal Jint Are Reportedly In A Relationship, Agency Responds

She has already helped with his music.

Brave GirlsMinyoung and rapper Verbal Jint are reportedly in a relationship.

According to an exclusive report from Star News, Minyoung and Verbal Jint are currently in a relationship. The two bonded over their common interest of music, supporting each other in their musical releases as well.

Minyoung participated in the composition of Verbal’s Jints songs “걷는 중(Feat. Isobel Kim)” and “흑화의 뜻(Feat. lIlBOI)” that were a part of Verbal Jint’s 7th album Inflection Point which was released in April 2021. An individual under the name Kkodurami was listed as a composer of the track. Kkodurami is Minyoung’s composing name. She is also known as Isobel Kim, who featured on the same track she helped write.

One entertainment insider told Star News that it is true the two are currently dating.

It’s true that the two are currently dating. Even before Brave Girls’ rise in popularity through “Rollin’,” the two were in love.

— Brave Entertainment

However, Verbal Jint’s agency has since stated that they have already broken up.

They dated for two years, but they are separated now.

— Otherside

Source: Star News
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