A New Track From Brave Girls Is Coming, But Fans Worry Its Title Hints At It Being Their Last

Their contract expiration is coming soon, too.

According to industry insiders, the contracts that Brave Girls has with their label, Brave Entertainment, are set to expire on February 16. Despite this being just on the horizon, the company hasn’t spoken yet about whether or not the members have decided if they’re going to renew their contracts, leaving fans worried that they’re going to disband.

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However, it was just revealed that the group will be releasing a new song before their contracts expire. And while this sounds exciting at first, there is also a sense of closure based on the song’s title that may be further hinting at the group’s disbandment.

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On February 15, KBS shared a file titled “The Result of the Song Reviews (2023.02.15)” on their website, which listed songs that had been reviewed and approved as suitable for broadcast. The 83rd song on the list was the new Brave Girls song — which had been approved — titled “Goodbye”.

“Goodbye” listed in the KBS review list | KBS

Understandably, the title sounds like the end of an era to many fans, and it won’t be the first time that such a song was released just around the time a K-Pop group disbanded. For example, 2NE1 released their own “Goodbye” as a farewell to their fans after their own disbandment was announced.

While Brave Girls originally debuted in 2011, it wasn’t until 2020 that they saw a huge boost in popularity thanks to the delayed success of their 2017 song “Rollin'”. Though the group was given a rare opportunity to use their newfound success to further progress in their career, fans have been upset with how poorly their label has promoted them since then.

Their last album, Thank You, came out last March — nearly a year ago — soon after which they also appeared on the survival show Queendom 2, where they ended up placing 6th. And while Brave Girls was supposed to have a concert in South Korea in January 2022, it was postponed due to COVID-19 and, despite fans asking when it would be rescheduled, there have been no updates as of yet.

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At this time, the only official communication that Brave Girls has had with their fans in a year was through a New Year’s greeting, which has been furthering the speculation that the group is going to disband soon. Fans are hopeful that, if this is the case, then maybe the members would move on to a different label that would be more active in promoting them.

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We wish only the best for the members of Brave Girls in whatever their future holds!

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