Brave Girls’ Yujeong Kills Fans With Her Cuteness After A Minor Scare On Stage

She is too cute for words!

Brave Girls have been on a “roll” with their popularity and they’re making headlines once again!

| @BRAVEGIRLS_/Twitter

The girls recently performed “Rollin” on Mnet M Countdown‘s stage for the first time in 4 years due to its sudden viral success. While the overall performance is making headlines on its own due to the unusual circumstances, one of the members’ individual fancams is making headlines on its own. Which member, you may ask? The Brave Girls member in question is none other than Yujeong!

Yujeong, who is known for her eye smile has captivated fans and netizens with her adorable reaction to confetti. Near the end of the performance, the Brave Girls member can be seen dancing along and singing the song, as she normally would.

She shows off the fun dance moves that incorporate stools while making sure to look cute for the camera.

It was here that the Brave Girls member had her adorable reaction and captivated netizens.

Yujeong was dancing to the chorus of the song when the confetti popped off to celebrate the end of the performance. The loud and sudden sound must have startled the girl group member, as she can be seen looking visibly surprised.

The comment section was filled with adoration for the Brave Girls member, expressing their love for her cute reaction! Here’s a little close-up.

Don’t worry though, since Yujeong was able to collect herself quickly to conclude the group’s comeback stage on a strong note.

We are so excited for Brave Girls and their newfound success! You can watch Yujeong’s adorable “Rollin” fancam down below.

Source: WikiTree