Brave Girls’ Yujeong Revealed The Weight She Had To Lose Quickly Thanks To “Rollin'”

They’re all gorgeous regardless!

Brave Girls‘ have been on the rise with their song “Rollin'” suddenly shooting to popularity, a whole 4 years after release. On Junghee’s Hope Song hosted by Kim Shin Young, the girls cutely shared their worry of having to lose weight quickly due to the sudden attention.

| Star Today

As they were in preparations to disband and the group had not been promoting for quite some time, it is natural that they did not pay attention to diet. However, with the track suddenly taking off, the girls were booked for multiple schedules. They were even given the chance to promote their track once again on music shows.

Yujeong shared, “What I was worried about the most with the sudden comeback was my weight.” The girls often talked about how much they each weighed in the group chat leading to the music show comeback. Yujeong revealed that she had already lost about 3.5kg each compared to 2 weeks ago.

It seems like they have no plans of stopping there however. In order to show off a perfect side of themselves to fans, Yujeong recently revealed on her Instagram that she is still in the midst of a diet. She proudly posted a photo of the food support fans had sent, with the caption “I’m so happy even if my stomach may burst. I’m in the midst of a diet, I’m in trouble.

| @braveg_yj/Instagram

We’re sure fans will love them either way! Congratulations to the girls on their recent win.

Source: Star Today