The Brazilian Women’s Gymnastics Team Played BTS’s “Dis-ease” In A Practice Video And It’s Giving Us Life

“Dis-ease” is the perfect song choice for any occasion!

Lots of K-Pop songs have been played during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and some Olympic athletes even listen to K-Pop as they prepare to compete!

Brazilian gymnast Rebeca Andrade competing during the 2020 Olympics | @africanizeofc/Twitter

Brazil’s women’s gymnastics team recently posted a TikTok of Rebeca Andrade, one of their athletes, practicing on the uneven bars while “Dis-ease” by BTS played in the background.

In the video, we see Rebeca Andrade easily move from bar to bar as the bridge from “Dis-ease” plays. Then, she beautifully dismounts and totally sticks the landing!


♬ Disease BTS – Glow

ARMYs loved watching Rebeca Andrade show off her athletic skills and appreciation for BTS’s music at the same time.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will end on August 8, so we may see more athletes share practice videos featuring K-Pop songs before the games are over!

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