Jungkook Wonders What His Life Will Look Like Once BTS’s Fame Fades

In “Break The Silence”, BTS’s youngest member imagines his life as an old man.

At present, BTS are in their prime, but Jungkook is already looking toward the distant future.

In Episode 1 of BTS’s new docuseries, Break The Silence, the members shared words of wisdom while taking a trip down memory lane. They opened up about why they considered disbanding in 2018, why they are choosing to stay together, what would happen if they didn’t, and much more.

Toward the end of the episode, Jungkook became introspective while listening to music from BTS’s rookie days.

“Later, when I’m not as famous as I am now,” he said, “and turn into an old man, I wonder who’ll still be around, when I’m an old man…”

“…but I’d really like to have a conversation with ARMY and ask, how were we back then?”

“Were we amazing then?”

“What were we like as an individuals and ordinary people?”

When Jungkook debuted, he was only 15 years old. It’s hard to imagine BTS’s 22-year-old Golden Maknae growing old, but even if BTS’s fame fades someday…

…ARMY’s love will stay the same!

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