The Real BTS: Here’s How Each Member Wants The Others To Think Of Him

They shared their sincere thoughts in the final episode of “Break The Silence”.

On May 28,  BTS‘s tell-all docuseries, Break The Silence, came to a close with Episode 7. After wrapping up their final SPEAK YOURSELF shows, each member opened up about how he wanted to be perceived by his members. Here’s what they said.

1. RM

“I used to want that before,” RM said. “I wanted the members to rely on me and think that I’m awesome. But I think I projected myself onto others as a way to not feel lonely, especially to the members.”

“In terms of what the others think of me, or how I want them to think of me, I just want them to feel the same way I feel for them. They’re somewhere between family and friends. I like that it’s wholesome. I think that will allow us to stay together, and walk together for a long time like people who somehow met on a pilgrimage.”

2. Jin

“Even though I like to laugh and may not look that serious on the outside,” Jin said. “I want to be a person they can rely on emotionally.”

“I want to energize the team and console the members when they are down. You know, good vibes that aren’t too grand, but make people happy.”

3. Suga

“I don’t want them to think of me in any grandiose way,” Suga said. “The funny one, maybe?”

“I guess I’m the observer, much like the invisible hand of Adam Smith. That’s how I’d put it.”

4. J-Hope

“You mean, what do they think of me?” J-Hope said. “It would be nice if they think about me as someone special. Nothing else matters.”

“‘He’s a really special person. We can’t do without him. He has to be part of our team.’ I’d be really happy and grateful if they thought of me in that way.”

5. Jimin

“They think I’ve become funnier lately,” Jimin said. “They say, ‘He’s gotten a lot brighter.'”

“Strangely, I tend to get mentally weak when I go abroad, but rather than words, when I see the members standing next to me on stage looking happy like this, that itself is really comforting. They make me realize that I’m not alone when I’m on stage.”

6. V

“The playful one? I like the nicknames the members give me,” said. “They say I’m restless, but that’s who I am. I think that’s why they gave me that nickname.”

“I don’t think my personality will change. No matter how much time passes or how old I get, I’d like to be considered a playful person to everyone.”

7. Jungkook

“The youngest member who’s always causing trouble,” Jungkook said. “I want them to think I’m a good person, that, ‘He’s a good kid.'”

“I’d like to be thought of as someone who is indispensable to BTS.”