[★BREAKING] Hyun Bin and Kang Sora reported to be dating

In breaking news, Korean actor Hyun Bin is reportedly dating actress Kang Sora. 

On December 15th, a report by Sports DongA confirmed news of Hyun Bin and Kang Sora dating.

According to several entertainment insiders, the couple met for the first time when the actress was planning to change agencies back in October. The meeting turned into an intimate friendship and they have only started dating recently.

Another acquaintance who knew them well stated, “I know that when Kang Sora was in the process of switching agencies, she kept in contact with Hyun Bin’s representatives. From there, they started to have positive feelings about each other. Since it’s only been a short time that they’ve been a couple, they are being careful.” 

As soon as the news were reported, Kang Sora’s agency stated, “We are checking with the actress. We will announce our position once confirmed.”

Hyun Bin’s latest film, Harmony, will be released soon, while Kang Sora is considering a new project since her last drama, My Lawyer, Mr. Jo.

Source: Donga and Newsen