Here’s SEVENTEEN… Re-Created With 250K Lego Bricks And It’s Actually Kind Of Amazing

The overwhelming 2018 concert… in bricks!

Brick Campus, a South Korean theme park to showcase and promote brick art, revealed its SEVENTEEN display on July 20, 2019 at the Seoul Forest Park gallery. The gigantic art piece, re-creating SEVENTEEN’s past concert at the World Cup Stadium with lego bricks, is a part of the park’s “K-Pop In The World” themed exhibition.

To celebrate a moment from their concert being lego-fied, SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan, Hoshi, and Mingyu stopped by the exhibition.


The lego display portrayed the largest stadium in Korea, which is the Seoul World Cup stadium – where multiple K-Pop artists have performed for their loving fans. The structural planning itself took 2 months to complete. All of the stadium’s details, including the doorways, seats, and broadcasting areas, have been recreated using solely lego bricks!

And inside this stadium, lego-SEVENTEEN is holding its live concert. Using the 2018 “Ideal Cut” details, the exhibit displayed the actual SEVENTEEN concert’s original lighting, staging, and camera locations as well.


Thirteen mini-figures to represent SEVENTEEN members are on the center stage, performing. About 10K mini-figures have been set up in the audience to portray Carats at the concert. In fact, Brick Campus shared that the audience is expected to get a major glow up in about a month, “when the part to resemble the Carat light stick is shipped from the Lego headquarter in Denmark and put into the hands of each of the mini-figure in the house.”


Brick Campus even recreated a cheeky little moment of fans fainting at the concert. Look how some flustered lego-Carats are being carried out of the stadium from being too overworked and feeling faint. The blushed cheeks and heavenly smiles on their faces definitely retell how Carats felt in 2018 when they saw SEVENTEEN on stage at the stadium!


The entire exhibit took 250K bricks, 10K+ mini-figures, and 1 full year to build. With it being 499.2cm x 384cm big and 100cm tall, SEVENTEEN’s fans are about to be blown away by the pure size and grandeur of this display!

Source: MHN