“Bring It On, Ghost” Actress Exposes The “Chilling” Truth Behind Her Marriage Rumors

This is such a terrifying situation.

Actress Baek Seo Yi recently shared a lengthy Instagram message regarding some strange ongoing rumors that has been circulating about herself.

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The Bring it on, Ghost actress explained the situation with all of her followers, revealing that she has been involved in a whirlwind of marriage rumors. Not only did she take the time to debunk the marriage rumors, but she also shared the terrifying details.

Baek Seo Yi revealed that a friend of hers that she has “trusted for a long time has been telling everyone in his life that they have been dating since 2019 with the plans of marriage” — which she shares is absolutely not true.

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The 29-year-old actress continued with the chilling situation by revealing that this friend of hers claimed to have met [her] parents to discuss [their] marriage plans” while telling people in his life that the two already “secured a wedding venue.”

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Baek Seo Yi reiterated that while this friend has been lying to his circle of loved ones since 2019, “she never even dated him nor [has she] promised to marry him.” She concluded her message by asking him to never “contact [her] ever again and [to] reflect on the situation.”

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You can read Baek Seo Yi’s entire message and the horrifying details down below.

Recently, I experienced a chilling and terrifying event.

I found out that someone I had trusted for a long time has been lying about me. This person is someone that I met while working, but a friend of his recently DMed me. The friend explained to me that he has been telling everyone that we have been dating since 2019 with the plans of marriage. He claimed to have met my parents to discuss our marriage plans, going as far as claiming that we have secured a wedding venue.

When I heard that he had been telling his acquaintances about our marriage plans for the past few years, I was taken aback by the absurdity. I asked for the details and it was then that his friend sent me the photos and messages. I was terrified upon seeing them.

I have never dated him nor have I promised to marry him. I have trusted him for a long time and enjoyed interacting with him as an acquaintance so this has been a big shock. If anyone hears about my plans to marry someone, I want to say that those are absolutely not true.

I am writing this not only for my friends and his acquaintances, but also for the others who may hear about the false marriage news.

(There were many horrifying and creepy contents in the messages that I was shown. However, I’m hoping to end this all here. If the person responsible is seeing this post, please don’t contact me ever again and reflect on the situation.)

— Baek Seo Yi 0.0 ___ee/Instagram

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