“If She Brings A Man Home…” Second-Generation Idol’s Husband Is Under Fire For His Misogynistic Comments About Women

“How can he utter these words?…”

Actress and former idol Bae Seul Ki‘s husband is being criticized for his misogynistic comments.

Leesub (left) and Bae Seul Ki (right) | Money Today

On May 10, an online post titled “Bae Seul Ki’s Husband’s Comments Saying That If A Woman Allows A Man Into Her Home, She Has Nothing To Say If She’s Raped” went viral. The post has since been viewed over 200K times as of this writing. Bae Seul Ki is a former K-Pop idol who made her debut in 2005 as a member of The Red. The former idol has since transitioned to becoming an actress and TV personality.

In the post, the author posted several photos from a YouTube clip that has since gone viral. In the clip, Bae Seul Ki’s YouTuber husband, Leesub (also known as Shim Seop), makes shockingly misogynistic comments about women.

If I have a daughter, I am going to teach her that if she goes to a man’s house or if she brings a man home while living alone, then she has nothing to say if she is raped.

— Leesub

The YouTuber then seemingly backs off from his problematic comments but then claims that a woman, when being alone with a man, should be aware that she is risking being sexually assaulted.

Of course, she has a lot to say. Just because a woman is having an indoor date with a man alone doesn’t mean it is okay for a man to jump on the woman without her consent. I am not saying that men are all potential rapists either, but there are some who are, and so a woman should live her life being aware of that risk.

— Leesub

Netizens lambasted the YouTuber for his comments, stating that they were misogynistic and problematic. Many couldn’t believe that the YouTuber seemed to imply that women should have to fear being assaulted by a man if they were ever alone together.

  • “Men like him are the ones who say ‘Women need to be the ones who are careful. How can you be alone with a man in one space? If you guys are together and you get sexually assaulted, the woman is partially responsible.’ Then they get really offended if a woman keeps her space for her safety for allegedly treating them like potential sex offenders. They contradict themselves then by saying Korean women are too sensitive and that Korea is safe (for women).”
  • “How can he utter these words? But looking at the capture, he looks like he would say these things.”
  • “Is he saying that he will say that to his daughter? If his daughter heard that, I think she would feel betrayed by her father and would hate men and wouldn’t get married in fear of meeting a man like him.”
  • “Why isn’t there more of an uproar? Does this make sense?”
  • “You should (help) create a world where it is normal for women and men to be alone without a crime taking place. Why are you telling women to avoid (men)? LOL. This wouldn’t be a problem if men simply wouldn’t rape (women).”
  • “Even if a woman is naked in front of a man, he doesn’t have the right to touch her without her consent.”
  • “He acts like he’s so knowledgable, and his righteous manner of speech is so strange. He seems he’s full of himself. He thinks he’s so f@cking wise and smart.”
  • “If that is the case, then men shouldn’t have anything to say if (women) treat them like sex offenders.”

What are your thoughts? The aforementioned video clip is available in the link below.


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