Brown Eyed Girls JeA dropping new solo track this April after three years

Group leader JeA of the popular Brown Eyed Girls will be making her solo comeback after three years!

During the final broadcast of Produce 101 on April 1st, the female trainee girl group competition in which she was active as a vocal trainer and a mentor, it was revealed that JeA was working on a new solo song.

Following the sudden announcement, JeA expressed her surprise on her SNS account, writing, “I was surprised when ‘Produce 101’ publicized news about my song. The progress of the album is being completed faster than expected so the schedule was pushed forward. Please look forward to singer JeA.”

JeA originally made her solo debut with the album Just JeA in 2013, and has since then been active in OSTs and more, establishing herself as not only a talented female vocalist but a producer as well as she also participated in lyric writing and producing for several songs.

Look forward to JeA’s upcoming single album this April!

Source: Sports Donga