Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo pairs up with Rhymer as producer for solo comeback in June

Additional information has been revealed regarding Brown Eyed Girls’ rapper Miryo‘s solo comeback this June.

Partnering up with the talented producer Rhymer of BrandNew Music, it was revealed that Miryo’s digital single will be released on June 30th ahead of Brown Eyed Girls’ official group comeback.

Rhymer has been taking a part of many hit releases, producing quality music that has received praises from music lovers. Tracks recently published include AOA Jimin‘s “Puss,” Jimin N J.Don‘s “GOD,” Bora and “Unpretty Rapstar” members’ “Feedback,” SKULL&HAHA’s “Beautiful Girl,” and much more.

The upcoming digital single, which will feature group  member Ga In as the vocalist, is the first solo project from Miryo since her official solo debut in 2012 with her album MIRYO aka JOHONEY.

Source: Star Today