Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha Spills Details About How Idols Date Nowadays

Narsha revealed what she knows about the dating culture amongst idols.

As an “OG” of K-Pop, Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha recently took to her YouTube channel to share what she knows about how idols date nowadays compared to back in her day.

In the video, she introduced a commonly asked question, which is how idols manage to date given their profession.

And Narsha expressed that compared to back in her day when getting each other’s numbers were really the only way, the idols nowadays have more options.

Most of them now use DMs on Instagram to contact each other. That’s really the cleanest way. There’s no one else watching, and it goes straight to that person and that person only. From what I know, the idols these days send each other DMs on Instagram.

– Narsha

Narsha also spilled about where idols would often have their dates since they need to stay out of the public eye.

As people who are famous, it’s hard to go on dates where there are other people. It’s probably uncomfortable for them, but when there are too many people, they’re worried about rumors. Normally, those who have cars just have their dates in their cars.

– Narsha

She then joked,

I’m sure they go to each other’s houses, too. I won’t think about anything past that. Let’s just say they go home. I’m sure they have their dates where it’s quiet.

– Narsha

As for whether or not idols date staff members, Narsha confessed it’s less common than staff members dating each other.

Whether you’re on stage or on set, everyone is human. And where there is staff, there are celebrities since we all work together. There are many cases of staff dating other staff. Writer and manager. Stylist and manager. Director and manager. But in reality, it’s rare for an idol to date a staff.

– Narsha

And she explained why.

Because for us, this is a workplace. So we’re working together like a partnership. For that reason, compared to staff dating staff, there aren’t many cases of idols dating staff.

– Narsha

But as Narsha hilariously put it,

But I’m sure they’re date if they want to. In cars! In houses!

– Narsha

Check out the full clip below:


Source: Dispatch