BTOB’s “2023 WATERBOMB” Outfits Could Not Be More Different From Each Other

But it showcased their true personalities!

The hottest summer event WATERBOMB Festival is back with some of our favorite idols and groups, such as Sumni, BLACKSWAN, and STAYC.

As it’s not only hot outside but the festival features water being pelted at both the artists and the audience, WATERBOMB has resulted in some sexy performances. This year, solo artist Kwon Eunbi went viral for her visuals during her set.

Likewise, BTOB‘s Minhyuk gained attention for his muscular physique as he ended up unbuttoning his shirt during the group’s performance. We can thank his members, Eunkwang and Sungjae, for attempting to remove Minhyuk’s shirt.

The shirt finally came off, fully revealing Minhyuk’s hard work at the gym. The combo of the ripped jeans with his washboard abs while getting soaked… Perfection. This festival was made for this man.

While Minhyuk delivered one of the sexiest WATERBOMB festivals of all time, we can’t help but admire his fellow BTOB members, though.

On the other hand, we had Changsub, who came fully prepared for 2023 WATERBOMB, but not in the way one would have expected. He was completely covered, dressed in a rain poncho and goggles!


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♬ Wind And Wish – BTOB

Honestly, Changsub is so smart for dressing the way he did. Still, he was not fully prepared for the water pressure.

Each BTOB member’s outfit was totally different, reflecting their true personalities. And it’s what makes the group so special!

They each ate in their own way. Stan BTOB.

| @0usernamesleft_/Twitter