BTOB Names The One Thing They Wish To Change About Idol Culture

What is “greeting culture”?

BTOB shared the one thing they wished to change about idols’ greeting culture on NOW. As many K-Pop fans know, rookie idols often have to go around backstage to their seniors’ waiting rooms to greet them as well as give out their own albums. This is an integral part of cultural politeness and has been for many generations of K-Pop. BTOB had something to say about that.

Minhyuk simply shared, “I hope they don’t come.” It wasn’t anything against his juniors! He simply felt that the archaical culture of greetings backstage could be fixed.

Minhyuk prefers if juniors simply greet him naturally, when the occasion arises. Of course, as greeting is an important part of Korean manners, he doesn’t mean to ignore the seniors. Rather, he hopes that junior groups would greet him energetically and politely when they run into him, rather than go out of their way to come to his waiting room.

Now that they are considered huge seniors in the industry, he hopes that this can begin to change with BTOB.

Minhyuk claims that even if juniors don’t purposefully come to look for him to deliver their greetings, he knows all too well just how hardworking and polite they are.

Peniel on the other hand, shared that if any juniors were out there watching, he hopes they can take note of this.

He publicly allowed all juniors to speak to him casually and call him by his name!

What an easygoing group!

Source: theqoo