BTOB Changsub Had An Intense Staring Contest With The Camera On Music Bank

BTOB‘s Changsub recently showed his goofy side while standing next to GFRIEND on Music Bank, and his various funny faces definitely stole the show.

On March 17, BtoB and GFRIEND held their comeback stages on KBS‘s music performance show, Music Bank. Both groups introduced their newly released songs and gave a brief description as to what their title song was about and sang a short snippet as a preview.

Throughout the segment, Changsub continued to make funny faces towards the camera by staring straight at it with his eyes wide open and trying not to blink.

When GFRIEND sang their snippet of their comeback song “Fingertip”, he responded with the utmost excitement and exclaimed that he was already addicted.


The other members of BTOB didn’t seem phased and carried on with the interview as if the behavior was totally normal for a BTOB memeber. On the other hand, GFRIEND seemed to find his antics hilarious and could be seen trying not to burst out laughing.

Watch Changsub’s hilarious facial expressions here!