BTOB’s Changsub Addresses The Public Regarding His “OT7” Gesture Made During Their 2021 Online Concert

He addressed the doubt cast on them.

Previously, it was reported that BTOB‘s Changsub and Peniel, had consistently gestured for OT7 during their online concert hosted on January 21, 2021. Their 2021 BTOB 4U ONLINE CONCERT [INSIDE] featured four members, Seo EunkwangMinhyuk, Changsub and Peniel.

| @BTOB_ot7/Twitter

Fans were overjoyed to see that the group’s strong bond was still going on despite Ilhoon‘s departure from the group due to being investigated for recreational use of marijuana. However, some netizens questioned Changsub and Peniel’s behavior.

Regarding the doubt cast on them, Changsub personally spoke up on his Instagram to address the matter. He very firmly stated, “the many emotions that we’ve been holding back as well as our thoughts, had finally burst out uncontrollably during the concert along with the flow of the music. It was a gesture meant to express the intent of not forgetting the us from back then, and to forever engrave it in our hearts. I hope that this intent will not be distorted. While I am hoping that this will be remembered in my heart, as well as everyone’s hearts, in the future I will continue to grow as BTOB and as Lee Changsub, as a good person and a good artist. I am always thankful for and love Melodys who always believes in us and have walked together with us up to now.

There you have it, as spoken by the man himself.