BTOB’s Changsub Recalls The Time Human Poop Was Found In The Practice Room Of His Military Band


BTOB‘s Changsub appeared as a guest on MAMAMOO‘s Solar‘s Solasido where he shared a crazy story about the human poop that was found in the practice room during his time in the military band.

Changsub started the interview on a hilarious note by revealing that he wore half-sunglasses because one of his double eyelids came undone, requiring him to get the surgery done again.

Changsub was discharged from the military recently, and he shared that he trained accordingly in preparation for his return.

I lost about 10 kilograms before being discharged. You can see my abs now. I’ve been exercising to keep it off.

— Changsub

He then went on to share a story about human poop during his time in the military band.

The practice room now is new. But there was an older practice room that we used to use.

— Changsub

And it’s pretty crazy.

But one day, there was a commotion. Someone screamed, ‘A soldier pooped in the practice room!’ So I ran over. Someone stacked the sheet music and pooped on top of it. And it was definitely not animal poop.

— Changsub

Apparently, the executives were even willing to let the culprit off easy as long as they came forward.

The executives came and said, ‘If you tell the truth now, we’ll pretend like this never happened.’ But no one came forward.

— Changsub

Despite their efforts to find the culprit, the person who pooped was never caught.

There were 200 people in our unit, and they narrowed us down to people who were about to get discharged. But they never ended up finding the culprit.

— Changsub

Well, whoever did it must’ve had some complaints during his time in the military band.

Check out the full hilarious interview of BTOB’s Changsub below:

Source: Dispatch