BTOB’s Changsub Reveals Why He Doesn’t Feel Heart-Flutters For Female Idols

He revealed why he doesn’t react to female idol groups!

BTOB‘s Changsub revealed that he has no heart-fluttering reactions when he sees female idols!

On the latest episode of Jo Sub‘s SubOhBar Season 2, Changsub, alongside SHINee‘s Key made a guest appearance on the channel, and talked about tons of things! They sipped wine as they dished on their friendship, while also answering questions along the way!

One of the segments of the show was to take a lie detector test, and after a few rounds of questions, Changsub was asked whether or not he gets heart-fluttering reactions to female idols!

My heart was once fluttering when I saw female K-Pop groups when I was in the army. Yes or no?

—Jo Sub

Changsub confidently replied that his heart doesn’t flutter towards female idols, and Jo Sub expressed his total disbelief!


—Jo Sub

Changsub then revealed the reason as to why he doesn’t have heart-fluttering reactions to female idol groups! He knows them as friends or he considers them too young.

Because… I personally know them… or they’re too young.


While both Key and Jo Sub initially had trouble believing him, the machine soon showed that he was telling the truth!

He really tells the truth!


BTOB debuted in 2012, which means it’s Changsub’s eighth year as an idol group member, so it’s no wonder he knows tons of fellow idols personally!

After returning from the military, Changsub formed a subunit with Peniel, Minhyuk, and Eunkwang, named BTOB 4U. They released their debut mini-album titled Inside, with the title track “Show Your Love” on November 16, 2020.

Watch the “lie detector test” segment here, from the 13:45 mark onwards!


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