BTOB Changsub’s Solo “SURRENDER” Music Video Is A Mesmerizing Masterpiece, Really

ICYMI, it’s an audiovisual explosion.

Earlier this month, BTOB‘s lead vocalist Changsub successfully released his solo, “SURRENDER.” Rewarding MELODYs with the long-awaited “special single” album [reissue #001 ‘SURRENDER’], Changsub packed the music video with his unparalleled vocals, repeat-worthy beats, and some seriously eye-catching visuals!

BTOB’s Changsub | @cubeunited/Twitter

Here are five moments from the aesthetically pleasing music video that will 100% make you surrender to Changsub and put “SURRENDER” on repeat nonstop!

1. Changsub’s Voice

For all of three minutes and sixteen seconds of the music video, MELODYs are blessed with Changsub’s vocals—one of the most unique in K-Pop.

Striking that irresistible balance between soft and gentle while firm and strong, for this “synth-pop genre song inspired by 80’s American mainstream culture,” Changsub’s voice makes “SURRENDER” a perfect transitional fall season song to blast the summer heat away.

2. This Sexy Retro Visual

What could possibly be better than Changsub in a retro leather jacket over a clean white tee? With his hair slicked back, too, Changsub is sure to make MELODYs surrender their hearts for him all over again!

| @cubeunited/Twitter

3. Fancy Moves

The “SURRENDER” music video features a mesmerizing “voguing” dancer Hazzi (also known as Kim Ha Jung), who also appeared on Street Woman Fighter as part of the dance crew Lachica‘s performance. Hazzi’s moves keeps Changsub captivated throughout the music video—and MELODYs, too.

Dancer Hazzi | @kimhazzi/Instagram

Changsub revealed, in an interview via CUBE ENTERTAINMENT, that it was his idea to incorporate this particular genre of dance to the sound of “SURRENDER.”

I thought my new song goes well with the voguing genre of dance, so I asked Hazzi, a voguing dancer, to perform in the music video. I think her moves really elevate the song. So when you watch the music video, please pay extra attention to Hazzi’s dance performance. The whole thing becomes a more visually fun experience.

— Changsub

4. Spooky Vibes

Not to be that Halloween freak or whatever, but this music video screams SPOOKY.

From Changsub looking down a spiral staircase to find Hazzi on the floor to him being chased down an eerie back alley, there’s a sense of indescribable strangeness that keeps MELODYs on the edge.

5. The Perfect Ending Doesn’t Exi—

Showcasing his humorous personality, Changsub ends the music video with a bit of cheeky acting. If this isn’t the Changsub that MELODYs know and love, then what is? And, well, his face really says it all…

If you still haven’t listened to Changsub’s new “SURRENDER,” what are you even doing?

Watch it right here, right now!

Source: MyDaily