BTOB Fans Express Their Frustration And Want Ilhoon Out Of The Group

They feel deceived by him.

BTOB‘s Ilhoon shocked netizens and the K-Pop world with the recent news of his marijuana controversy. In the midst of the ongoing investigation, BTOB fans have officially responded.

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On December 23rd, BTOB fans took to their online fan community, BTOB Gallery to express their position on Ilhoon’s marijuana allegations.

Jung Ilhoon has deceived his fans so we are asking his label for his official removal from the group.

— BTOB Gallery

The situation was made worse when fans realized that the BTOB member was being investigated for his marijuana charges for the past year. Back in May, Ilhoon took to his personal Instagram page to say his temporary goodbye’s right before he began his military service. His post was made in the middle of the investigation so fans are wondering why he didn’t acknowledge his faults back then.

If you were genuinely reflecting on your actions, you would have confessed to these allegations to your fans first.

— BTOB Gallery

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Debuting back in 2012, the boy group didn’t initially make a strong impact in the K-Pop scene. With their song “Missing You”, however, they started to gain the recognition they deserved, ranking number 1 on music sites. Since their debut 8 years ago, BTOB has maintained a clean image, having no controversies or scandals. This is incredibly rare for a group who has been promoting for almost a decade long. This fact is making it even harder for fans to accept Ilhoon’s controversy, as they believe he ruined the group’s image for the first time.

His criticisms don’t end there as Ilhoon is being further condemned by his fans due to the timing of his military enlistment. The investigation on his marijuana charges began last year but he enlisted in the military this past May. Fans can’t help but speculate that he enlisted in an effort to escape the investigation, adding onto the controversy.

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An official from the K-Pop industry shared their opinion on why the public is taking Ilhoon’s marijuana controversy harder than previous idols who have gone through the same controversy.

While promoting, it’s not only their musical abilities but their image that plays an important role in their careers as well. In particular, BTOB is known for their good and clean image so these allegations have caused a greater damage. A firm punishment is needed.

— K-Pop industry official

BTOB’s label, Cube Entertainment, has yet to release an official statement responding to the fans’ requests for Ilhoon’s removal from the group.

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