BTOB Ilhoon’s Past TV Appearance Resurfaces In Light Of His Marijuana Controversy

Netizens are suspicious now.

BTOB‘s Ilhoon is currently facing controversy after being accused of purchasing and habitually using marijuana.


In light of the controversy, his appearance on Mnet‘s TMI News last year has resurfaced in online communities due to his hair

On this day, Ilhoon appeared with both his hair and eyebrows bleached.

Regarding this hairstyle, Ilhoon explained that he did it for his sister’s wedding, but that his family didn’t like it.

I went from mint to blonde for my sister’s wedding. But my family scolded me asking why I couldn’t just have normal black hair. Idols should always be prepared.

— Ilhoon

But in light of his marijuana controversy, netizens are suspecting that Ilhoon actually bleached his hair because of marijuana.

Bleaching hair is known as a popular method of preventing the detection of the drug in the hair.

However, due to other detection methods used by investigators, it’s known to be difficult to get away with it by bleaching the hair alone.

Ilhoon was forwarded to prosecution last July on charges of habitual marijuana use over the course of 4 to 5 years, and he’s currently under investigation.

Source: Insight