BTOB Ilhoon’s Letter To Fans Before Military Enlistment Resurfaces In Light Of Marijuana Controversy

Netizens think BTOB’s Ilhoon indirectly confessed to his marijuana controversy earlier this May.

In light of the accusation against BTOB‘s Ilhoon for the purchase and habitual use of marijuana, Cube Entertainment confirmed that the news reports are indeed true.

After speaking with Ilhoon, we confirmed that he indeed has been summonded by the investigative authorities on charges of marijuana use.

— Cube Entertainment

Meanwhile, Ilhoon’s Instagram post to fans right before his military enlistment last May resurfaced in the online community.

| @ilhoonmj/Instagram

While giving his thanks and farewell to fans, he apologized for being absent and explained that he used the time to focus on himself.

I’m sorry I didn’t properly chat with you during my time off from activities. But I was using that time to focus on myself and take better care of myself.

— Ilhoon

Netizens believe that the portion above was Ilhoon’s way of revealing that he was in the middle of an investigation for marijuana use.

| @ilhoonmj/Instagram

And according to the reports, that was around the time he was first investigated for the charges.

| @ilhoonmj/Instagram

Some netizens are going as far as to accuse Ilhoon of enlisting in the military to avoid the investigation.

| Online Community

Ilhoon enlisted in the military on May 28 as a public service worker.

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