Netizens Are Shocked By The Resemblance Between BTOB’s Minhyuk And His Hot AF Older Brother

It must be family genes!

Despite being in their tenth year of K-Pop, BTOB has continued to cement themselves as ageless idols whose visuals seem to be never changing. Throughout the years, netizens have praised the members for their visuals and how their personalities have also stayed humble and hilarious.

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Yet, one person who has recently cemented himself as “ageless” is member Minhyuk, even to the point where he continues to be confused for TXT‘s Soobin, who is ten years younger. Since returning from the army, Minhyuk has treated fans to pictures of his amazing visuals…

BTOB’s Minhyuk | @hutazone/ Instagram

And his flawless physique.

| @hutazone/ Instagram

Well, it seems as if being handsome runs in the family. Recently, Minhyuk shared photos on his Instagram of a photoshoot with someone who literally could pass as his twin brother… but it was actually Minhyuk’s older brother Lee Jung Min, who is known as James Lee.

The two brothers look handsome AF in the black and white shots, showcasing their visuals and physiques.

Lee James (left) and Minhyuk (right) | @hutazone/ Instagram

| @hutazone/ Instagram

| @hutazone/ Instagram

In the comments of the photo, fans couldn’t get over just how similar the two looked, even joking it could’ve been Minhyuk photoshopped twice. Others just shared their thoughts on the visuals seen in the photos and explained that they could only identify Minhyuk because of his muscles.

Even with the age difference between the two, it is impossible to deny how handsome they both are, and it cements that good genes must run in the family. Even looking at James Lee’s Instagram proves just how photogenic the brothers are with visuals that seem identical…

| @highjest/ Instagram

| @highjest/ Instagram

And photos that just exude boyfriend vibes! There is no denying that James could easily be an idol just like his brother, although nobody knows if talent also runs in the family.

| @highjest/ Instagram

| @highjest/ Instagram

Others on social media even joked that with Minhyuk, his brother, and Soobin all resembling each other, they could even pass as triplets, despite the huge age gap.

In particular, it would be interesting to see what their family thinks as both Soobin and Minhyuk shared that their family couldn’t tell them apart.

| 1thek/ YouTube

| 노래는 듣고 다니냐 NORAE-ing/ YouTube   

Whether Minhyuk, Soobin, and James decide to create their own group or not, there is no denying that the Lee brothers are handsome AF! Maybe, now that he’s on notice, the duo can create more content and share their brotherly love with the world.

You can read more about the possible family line below.

BTOB’s Minhyuk Looks So Similar To TXT’s Soobin That Even His Family Gets Them Mixed Up

Source: @hutazone

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