BTOB’s Peniel Shares How He Deals With “Cancel Culture” And The Pressures Of Celebrity Life

He shared words of wisdom.

Episode 15 of DIVE Studios‘ “GET REAL” series was just released, and a stand-out part was when BTOB‘s Peniel shared valuable insight regarding people’s expectations of others.

The topic was brought up by a netizen who asked for advice about the stress that comes with being a new business owner.

How do you deal with the stress of running a business? Physically, everything I’ve wanted finally came true, and now I have this constant stress that I could lose it all in any given moment if I mess up. This is literally the first time in my life I’ve cared about something enough to stress over it, and I haven’t really slept well this weekend.

I’m constantly imagining my clients telling me I’ve failed them and dropping the contract. I even had a nightmare about it last night. I was wondering how you guys would deal with this stress of running a business.

— GET REAL Guest Writer

Ashley related the netizen’s experience to their career by bringing up “cancel culture” and making mistakes that can cost them their reputations.

In response, Peniel shared his very simple outlook on the matter.

In his perspective, if it means he ends up being “cancelled” and has to quit being a celebrity, then so be it. What’s important to him is having a positive outlook on life.

He recommended having a change of mindset to start experiencing life differently.

This entails accepting what you’ve done and seeing how it can make you a better person.

Finally, he reiterated his words and suggested that the netizen changes their mindset.

Watch the full episode below.

Source: DIVE Studios