BTOB’s Peniel Shows Solidarity For “Anti-Racism Against Asians” In Instagram Post

He’s speaking up.

BTOB member Peniel is making headlines and this time, it’s for an important movement.

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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the racism fueled attacks against Asian-Americans in the United States of America have been increasing drastically. While numerous news reports and data show the scary increase in these hate-filled attacks, major media outlets have remained silent on the issue, creating an even bigger controversy. Peniel, who is a member of the boy group BTOB has taken to his personal Instagram to show his support for this movement.

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On February 11th, the BTOB member spoke up on the issue by posting this photo onto his Instagram story.

Peniel’s Instagram story | @btobpeniel/Instagram

While it not seem like much, a simple post made by a K-Pop star has always proved to create traction within a movement. The boy group member currently resides in South Korea due to his promotions with BTOB, but Peniel was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He lived in the states up until high school before uprooting to South Korea to begin his K-Pop journey. As a fellow Asian-American and a former resident of the states, it seems that he has been keeping tabs on American current events and speaking up in solidarity.

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The movement against anti-racism towards Asians may not have the same momentum as the previous Black Lives Matter movement and that’s okay, for now. While the solidarity behind this Asian movement have not received much attention, we can only hope that stars such as Peniel will continue to use their platforms so that the traction increases.

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We love it when our favorite stars use their platforms for good. Way to go Peniel!

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