An Official Korean Army Promotional Video Shows BTOB’s Sungjae Looking Perfectly At Home As A Soldier

Handsome as ever!

BTOB and Melodies sent their maknae, Sungjae, off to the army not long ago, and he has been sorely missed. Although fans still are unable to see him on stage, the Ministry of Defence in South Korea has released a special treat! As part of the 72th anniversary, a promotional video to encourage civilians to send their loved ones in the army a message was released, featuring none other than our very own Sungjae.

Sungjae is seen going about his daily life as a soldier, including eating communal meals on the typical metal trays and chatting with his fellow soldiers.

They are seen using their handphones, something which is allowed to soldiers nightly after the 6 week period of infantry basic training. Recently, the Korean army has also developed a smartphone app to make it easier for messages to be transmitted to those in basic training where they are unable to use their own phones and can only check messages via a common database.

Sungjae looks handsome as ever in the official ROKA tee and army uniform.

Soldiers often perform the various tasks that Sungjae is seen performing, including answering admin calls and checking stocks.

Sadly, if you are not a personal acquaintance of a soldier, you are unable to send them messages on the common database as it requires their phone number as verification.

Netizens have praised his visuals, saying that it looks like a drama even though it is simply a promotional video! Check out the full video below.


Source: theqoo


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