BTOB’s Sungjae Featured In Music Video Collaboration For The Republic Of Korea Army And The U.S. Military

The song was a beautiful tribute to the alliance between both countries!

On the 68th Anniversary of the Korean Armistice Agreement, the Republic of Korea‘s Ministry of National Defense published a music video entitled “We Go Together” in partnership with U.S. Forces Korea and the United Nations Command.

We Go Together_MV 한미 군악대 콜라보 뮤직비디오! | 대한민국 국방부/Facebook

Representing his home country, BTOB‘s Sungjae sang a beautiful duet alongside American vocalist Brittany D. Simmons to help further strengthen the bond of the U.S. and ROK alliance.

BTOB’s Sungjae and Brittany D. Simmons | United States Forces Korea

The MND Band and Eighth Army Band worked for two months on the collaboration. While the song itself was originally written by a U.S. service member more than 20 years ago, an entirely new arrangement was created by the MND Band just for the occasion.

We Go Together_MV 한미 군악대 콜라보 뮤직비디오! | 대한민국 국방부/Facebook

Following the music video’s completion, Simmons expressed her gratitude to Sungjae and the rest of the performers for being helpful throughout the entire project.

“Working with the MND Band was an extraordinary experience. They are all so professional and talented. Yook Sung-jae was kind and humble and always willing to help me if I didn’t understand something.”

— U.S. Army Spc. Brittany D Simmons

Despite the challenges both sides faced, especially with the additional restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their joint music video ended up being a huge success.

| United States Forces Korea

You can watch the full version of “We Go Together” here:

Source: United States Forces Korea