We All Knew BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Was Rich But Here’s How Rich His Family Really Is

They’re calling him a “diamond spoon”.

Melodies have always known that BTOB‘s Sungjae came from a good family. However, in a recent episode of Entertainment Live, it was revealed just how rich his family really is. He’s so rich that netizens are calling him a “diamond spoon”, something reserved mostly only for chaebol families.

| Star Today

Although Sungjae may not be classified a chaebol technically, he may as well be. It was revealed that his father, who is the CEO of an IT company in South Korea, had made a total revenue of over 10 billion KRW. That’s about 9 million USD!

It was also revealed that his grandfather on his mother’s side, is the first person in South Korea to have imported expensive carp. As a result, his grandparents are currently the owners of a large scale fishery that is over 177915.9 square feet! Carp are rather expensive, with the rarest breeds selling for thousands of dollars.

Despite his wealth, Yook Sungjae is known for his humor and talent, and of course, for being modest! He is currently serving in the army.

Source: Star Today