BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Responds To Dating Rumors With A Secret Message To Fans

His response has to go down in history as the best statement ever.

BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae was caught up in dating rumors with DIA‘s Jooeun, where reports claimed that the two have been dating since earlier this year.


Cube Entertainment and MBK Entertainment have both denied the rumors, claiming that they only met during an outing with multiple acquaintances.


A couple hours after the dating news broke, BTOB held a live video with their fans as a goodbye party to Eunkwang who was enlisting. During the live broadcast, “BTOB” shot up on the search engine site.

“I hear we’ve just risen to 3rd on search engine sites!”

— Eunkwang


Although the members knew it was the result of Yook Sungjae’s dating rumor, they continued to joke around without directly mentioning the rumor.

“Did our ranking shoot up because of our live broadcast?”

— Yook Sungjae


Yook Sungjae then proceeded to drink from his cup that had a secret (yet powerful) message to his fans about the dating rumor. The bottom of the cup had “먹금 (muk-kuem)” written at the bottom.


“먹금 (muk-keum)” is slang for ‘Don’t feed into the trolls’ rumors’.


Yook Sungjae cleared up the rumors real quick with his subtle message to his fans. Dating rumors are just that – rumors!


Watch the full live broadcast below (Yook Sungjae’s response begins at 18:45):