BTOB’s Sungjae asks his fans to pray for Jackson’s recovery

At BTOB’s recent fan meeting, Sungjae took a moment to ask Melodies to pray for Jackson’s health.

GOT7‘s Jackson recently was confirmed to have been of poor health during the group’s fan meet, and his good friend Sungjae has asked everyone to keep Jackson in their prayers. During BTOB’s fan event, Sungjae took the microphone and made a short comment on the situation, saying,

“I’m feeling kind of sad today. Jackson is sick. I was talking with him on the phone yesterday. There are articles about him too. Please leave him many supportive comments. He is usually always full of energy but he’s currently sick.”


At the end of the video, a fan tells Sungjae that he should also pray for Jackson and he immediately starts, showing just how much he cares for Jackson and his health.

Sungjae and Jackson are known to be very good friends. The two have been seen giving each other big hugs at the end of music shows.

Watch them hug it out on M COUNTDOWN below.