BTS’s Old Tweet From 2014 Gains Attention After Selling Out Wembley Stadium

So much has changed since 2014.

BTS recently made history once again by completely selling out their “LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF” world tour, including the Wembley Stadium in London – the second largest stadium in Europe – and the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, a suburb of Paris.


With this historical feat, a certain tweet from BTS’s past resurfaced to show just how much has changed within a couple of years. Back in 2014, BTS were participating in a rigorous dance training system in Los Angeles, California. There, they decided to hold a special performance where they invited 200 people to come and watch them for free.


Just a little under 5 years ago, BTS were holding performances for mere 200 fans. But now, they’re performing for nearly 200,000 fans just in Europe alone!


Fans are overwhelmed by how much the members’ blood, sweat, and tears have resulted in over the years.


Take a look back at BTS’s other tweets during the time of their free concert to see just how much they’ve grown!


Just imagine how much BTS will have grown by 2024! Congratulations on your legendary success, BTS!