BTS Announces 2022 ARMY Membership Renewal — Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The members sent a personal message to ARMY.

It’s that time of the year again! BTS has announced the details for the 2022 GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB ARMY MEMBERSHIP Renewal.

For 2021, the members went with an office concept. However, they are switching it up for this year!

Showing off a cool, relaxed image for 2022, the new ARMY Membership Kit will show a new and mature side of the members. Check out how to join and/or renew your membership below!

1. Types of Memberships

There are two types of memberships: ARMY MEMBERSHIP ($22 USD) and ARMY MEMBERSHIP: Merch Pack ($150 USD). Memberships can only be purchased via Weverse Shop.

2. Benefits

All memberships grant you the following:

  • A digital membership card
  • The opportunity to purchase member-only official BTS products
  • Various benefits on purchasing BTS content on Weverse Shop
  • The opportunity to pre-book BTS concerts and participate in raffles
  • The opportunity to apply for attending music shows featuring BTS
  • View Members-exclusive image, video, and sound content on BTS Weverse
  • The opportunity to apply for or participate in online and offline special BTS events
  • The opportunity to purchase a Membership Kit
  • Rhythm Hive Membership special rewards
ARMY Membership Kit | Weverse

ARMY MEMBERSHIP: Merch Pack holders are granted an extra benefit:

  • Four Merch Boxes as a special offer for only ARMY MEMBERSHIP: Merch Pack holders
Merch Box #9 | Weverse

Check out the full video below to learn more!

Source: Weverse