2022 GRAMMYs Producer Ben Winston Reveals That Obstacles Meant BTS Almost Didn’t Perform At The Event

It was BTS’s professionalism that made it all possible!

On April 3 (PST), the members of BTS absolutely stole the show as they made an appearance at the 2022 GRAMMYs. From the minute they stepped onto the red carpet to their performance and their interactions with other musicians, the world was in awe of the group, and they stole the headlines of media outlets worldwide.

BTS | 64th Grammy Awards

However, the road to the event was anything but smooth. Members J-Hope and Jungkook testing positive for COVID-19, and the oldest member Jin had just undergone surgery. It meant that the certainty of OT7 being at the 2022 GRAMMYs was far from certain.

Luckily, with the members’ hard work and determination, the group all attended the event and showcased why fans and the music industry love them.

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Recently, Ben Winston, the executive producer of the 2022 GRAMMYs, did an exclusive interview with Rolling Stones where he spoke about the event and particularly praised BTS for their professionalism after such an uncertain few days prior to the show.

During the interview, Ben Winston shared just how professional the members were in the lead-up to the show. Everything was tense for both the group and those organizing the event.

They were supposed to rehearse on Thursday as a five or even a four. Then, we managed to find them some more time on the Saturday. The fact we even got BTS on the stage and they were so amazing…

— Ben Winston

Because of all the uncertainty and the members’ determination to perform to the best of their ability, Ben Winston explained that the most satisfying performance of the night had to be BTS’s epic “Butter” stage.

Of all the performances I felt most satisfied with, because of what BTS went through to get there and do what they did because of the story we knew over the past few weeks.

— Ben Winston

In particular, Ben Winston shared the extent of the uncertainty about BTS being able to perform, explaining that even one or two days before the event, he wasn’t sure whether the whole group would be able to attend.

The fact that maybe on Wednesday morning, they might not have even been able to be on the show. I was so excited not because it was better than anyone else’s but simply because I knew what those seven guys had been through to get it to that level.

— Ben Winston

It seemed as if everyone was rooting for BTS to be able to perform, with Ben Winston even explaining he “punched the air” when the performance ended.

I do think those guys are unbelievably talented. I am sort of in awe of what they do each time. I was so happy that they did that, and it came together as well as it did.

— Ben Winston

Although Ben Winston shared the group’s struggles, BTS also revealed just how difficult the preparation for the event was during a live broadcast.

J-Hope: Preparing for this performance… It has not been easy. We ran into a lot of obstacles.

Suga: Yeah, for sure. We had a lot of complications.

RM: Right. It was the four of us for about a week. And when it’s only four members trying to practice a choreography—and I’m sure you’ll be getting videos about the struggle, too—but it’s… It’s pretty much impossible to get anything done.


As always, the members of BTS have showcased their true professionalism. Despite all the hurdles and obstacles ahead of the awards show, all the members stayed positive, worked hard, and created one of the most epic performances of the entire night.

You can read more about the BTS’s struggles while preparing for their epic performance at the 2022 GRAMMYs below.

BTS Are Just Happy They Are Together Despite The Hardships They Faced Preparing For The 2022 GRAMMYs

Source: Rolling Stones Podcast and VLIVE

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