BTS Becomes 1st Artist In Billboard Chart History To Achieve This Record

They’ve set a record that may never be broken.

BTS were born to slay and pave the way, and they’ve done it again by making music chart history.


The Billboard charts we know today began in 1936, when Billboard magazine published its first music “hit parade”, a ranked list of the most popular recordings at that time. Entering the Billboard charts is something many artists can only dream of. Some musicians work their entire lives to land just one hit on the charts and, if they’re lucky, that hit will rise to the top 10.


This alone makes BTS’s chart-smashing success incredible. In just six years, BTS have become Billboard chart kings, leading the rankings on multiple lists for months on end. BTS’s most recent single, “Lights”, marks their 75th top 10 hit on Billboard’s “World Digital Song Sales” chart!


Achieving 75 top 10 hits in six years is unprecedented, and this record may never be matched, let alone broken. In total, BTS has charted 92 songs, meaning that 80% of their songs have become top 10 hits!

It’s true what fans say. BTS truly are their own best competition!

Source: Forbes