BTS’s Adlibs Battle Spiraled Out Of Control On “In The SOOP”

RM, V, and Jungkook turned BTS’s recording session into a chaotic competition.

The battle of the century happened in BTS‘s recording studio, and nobody saw it coming!

In the final episode of In the SOOP, BTS recorded the theme song they had written together earlier in the show.

Each member took turns recording while Producer Suga pieced their parts together. As expected, this wasn’t a serious recording session. It was all about having a good time, just like they did on In the SOOP. 

A few mishaps happened because of last-minute lyrics changes…

…but the true insanity began with the “Battle of the Adlibs”. First, RM entered the ring–I mean booth–with his high pitched, scat-style singing.

Then, because BTS can turn anything into a competition, upped the ante by bringing soul to the Soop.

Meanwhile, Jungkook was singing his heart out outside the booth, preparing to “fight”.

When his turn came, the Golden Maknae didn’t disappoint. He sang dramatically, making everyone burst out laughing with his growly “I know baby” line.

In the end, Producer Suga had way more adlibs than he needed, and the In the SOOP song was born! Listen to it here: