BTS’s V And Jungkook Are Spoiling Fans With “TaeKook” Content

BFFs, V and Jungkook get cuddly in the finale of “In the SOOP”.

If there’s one good thing about 2020, it’s the never-ending gift of “TaeKook” content!

BTS‘s and Jungkook have a beautiful, unique friendship that fans just can’t get enough of. From this sweet moment on Run BTS

…to V’s birthday back hug for Jungkook, ARMY has plenty of new “TaeKook” memories to cherish this year.

Some of the best moments happened on BTS’s stay-cation show, In the SOOP, like V and Jungkook’s heart-to-heart about their friendship.

Sadly, In the SOOP just aired its final episode, but it won’t be forgotten anytime soon. In Episode 8, V parked himself on Jungkook’s lap to listen to Suga‘s recording…

…and they also snuggled up for a cuddle session…

…until J-Hope, aka BTS’s alarm clock, woke them up.

As expected, ARMY’s soft hearts just can’t handle this much affection. After the episode aired, “TAEKOOK” trended with over 100,000 tweets (and counting)…

…but is anyone surprised?


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