BTS’s Ad Fees Are Reportedly The Highest In South Korean History

BTS are in a league of their own.

How much does BTS make per advertisement? More than anyone else!


On the variety show Rumor Has It, an entertainment reporter by the name of Choi Jeong Ah revealed BTS’s jaw-dropping fees.


According to the advertisement industry, BTS makes between 3 billion to 5 billion won ($2.59 to $4.31 million) per ad; the most in South Korea’s history.


According to another reporter on the show, “S-level” celebrities (who are in a tier above “A-level” celebs) earn 1 billion won to 1.2 billion won (approximately $860,000 to $1.7 million) per ad. That means BTS’s minimum fee is $890,000 higher than the highest-earning “S-level” stars. They are in a level of their own!


Hong Seok Cheon was blown away by these statistics. He said that BTS’s per-ad fees were just over 1 billion won ($861,000) back in 2017, and they continue to climb higher each year.

It’s still rising now. You can’t even reach them.

— Hong Seok Cheon


Watch the segment here:

Source: My Daily