Jungkook Isn’t BTS’s Most Agile Member? Guess Who Is

They put their skills to the test.

Strength, agility, coordination, endurance; these attributes and more determine a person’s athleticism. Jungkook has proven himself to be BTS‘s most well-rounded athlete, but who is the most agile member these days?


In Episode 3 of ARMY Calendar, a special for the BTS Japan Official Fanclub, BTS tested their agility and flexibility with fun challenges. To find out their agility levels, each member had to tap a tethered ball as many times as they could in 30 seconds, much like how boxers hit speed bags.

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Only, in BTS’s case, the balls were strapped to their heads and could smack them in the face! J-HopeJimin, and Jungkook were attacked right off the bat, with J-Hope getting the worst of it.

Suga enjoyed every second of the chaos. As MC, he was exempt from the challenge. (Lucky him!)

Hitting the ball was much harder than any of the members expected, but they did their best. Jungkook was named the winner of Round 1, having hit the ball 31 times with his focused, steady approach. Jimin came in second with 28 hits, and J-Hope’s wild swings racked up 20.

On to Round 2: VJin, and RM.

As funny as V’s technique looked, it paid off! He scored 47 hits in 30 seconds, while Jin and RM scored 40 and 28, respectively.

V’s skill blew his members away! In fact, he was such a natural that they wondered if he’s been practicing at home. V took first place overall, Jin scored second, and Jungkook placed third.

Check out the results for BTS’s flexibility test here:

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