BTS Tests Their Flexibility…And The Results Have Them Shook 

They put themselves to the test.

Every member in BTS is in amazing shape, but some are more flexible than others!


In Episode 3 of ARMY Calendar, a special for the BTS Japan Official Fanclub, BTS tested their flexibility and agility with fun challenges. To find out who is the most flexible, they tried to touch their hands together behind their backs. Right away, Suga and RM said they wouldn’t be able to reach.

Suga asked Jimin to demonstrate; he has a reputation for being one of the most flexible members. Surprisingly, Jimin struggled to even get close!

When he tried again, for real, his members were shocked by how unflexible his shoulders are. According to Suga’s measuring tape, Jimin’s hands were 45 cm away from each other!

In fact, despite saying he wouldn’t be able to succeed, RM brought his hands much closer together than expected. 14 cm!

BTS’s resident athlete, Jungkook, prefaced his attempt with a disclaimer, saying that being muscular makes it less easy for him to be flexible in this way. That said, Jungkook still linked hands, no problem!

J-Hope usually aces flexibility games, but he wasn’t entirely sure if he would this time. After easy grabbing his own hand, however, he playfully declared that this was a piece of cake!

RM was blown away! “Why are you like this?” he said, impressed.

After stretching in the background during the other members’ tests, passed his with flying colors!

It was Jin, however, who stole the show! Usually, people tend to lose flexibility in their late twenties and beyond, but not Jin. He might as well be made out of rubber!

BTS crowned Jin with first place, J-Hope with second, and Jungkook with third. Suga, who MC’d the challenge, did not participate.

Check out the results for BTS’s agility test here:

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