BTS Arrives At The Airport In Their Own Casual Styles And ARMYs Think Their Outfits Match Their Images Perfectly

You can immediately know their personalities!

Recently, each BTS member made the airport their runway with their own unique styles. RM opted for comfort in a hoodie and sweatpants and chooses practical accessories like a big satchel bag for all his traveling essentials.

A long flight doesn’t stop Jin from looking super chic! Rocking the luxury brand Thom Browne, he always looks put together from head to toe.

Suga showed off his edgy and unique style through a graphic t-shirt and funky cardigan.

J-Hope showed his cool street-fashion vibes with some fun accessories, including his duck keychain.

Jimin went for a sleek, head-to-toe black outfit…

…while V did the opposite in his all-white look! He made sure to carry his own Mute Boston Bag from BTS’s Artist-Made Collection merch.

Lastly, Jungkook showed off his fun, bright style in a fashionable denim Balenciaga set.