BTS’s Power Turns Even Rich And Famous People Into Regular Parents

You’re doing amazing sweetie.

BTS‘s power knows no bounds! They recently swept up various awards at the AMAs, including Favorite Pop Song, Artist of the Year and Favorite Pop Duo/Group. A fruitful day at the AMAs indeed. While they had a blast on stage giving their acceptance speeches, including this hilarious moment where Jungkook got dragged away by Jin

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…they also were sweet enough to stop for photographs with their loving young fans.

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However, these aren’t just ordinary children, they’re the children of Mike and Brooke Mahan! Mike Mahan is the current vice-chairman of Dick Clark Productions, the producers of awards shows such as the AMAs and BBMAs itselves. What a huge perk for their children as ARMY! When full view fancams of the sweet moment were revealed, many couldn’t help but swoon at how sweet the boys were with the kids…

…but they also noticed that Mike and Brooke Mahan were exactly like normal parents in that moment. You know, when your mom asks you to stand next to a celebrity for a quick picture? They weren’t the only ones. Fans caught a glimpse of singer and songwriter, Shawn Stockman, bringing his daughter over for her moment with BTS.

We’re getting kind of jealous at this point! We’re not the only ones. The owner of the fancam even made the hilarious statement, “why isn’t my dad a celebrity?

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Netizens that witnessed the scene also couldn’t help but giggle at the adorable scene.

| theqoo
  • “Even if they’re superstars, all kids’ parents are the same LOL how warm.”
  • “Why is it so cute how the kids are all waiting in line? Good for them LOL”
  • “It’s so funny how all the parents make a beeline for RM first. Is it by instinct?”
  • “Amazing…”
  • “So cute and so heart-warming.”
  • “I guess all kids’ parents are the same LOL”

Must be nice to have famous parents!

Source: theqoo