“Among Us” Chicken Nugget From The BTS Meal Finally Gets Sold For A Jaw-Dropping Amount Of Money

Can you guess how much it’s worth?

How much do you think a chicken nugget can cost? With the right conditions, it can be sold for thousands of dollars!

This is exactly what happened to seller polizna from Utah when she received a chicken nugget reminiscent of an Among Us crewmate in her BTS Meal.

The “Among Us” chicken nugget | eBay 

Aware of the immense popularity of both BTS and the game, she put the nugget up for auction on eBay on May 28. It had a starting price of just $0.99 USD, but after a user offered $14,969.69 USD, its worth quickly skyrocketed.

The first few bids on the chicken nugget | eBay

The auction ended six days later on June 4 with 184 bids. It was finally sold for an astounding $99,997 USD! This was a huge return on the seller’s initial investment as the BTS Meal costs around $11 USD with the price varying per state.

BTS’s collaboration with McDonald’s was a worldwide hit. ARMYs eagerly awaited its launch and flocked to stores the moment it was made available.

BTS | McDonald’s

Though most people will receive a standard set of 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, fries, Coke, and two specialty sauces, some fans like eBay seller polizna are lucky enough to receive a rare nugget that is worth almost $100,000 USD!

BTS Meal | McDonald’s

Source: eBay