BTS Loves Anime Just Like The Rest Of Us, Here Are Some Of The Ones They Watched

You may not expect some of their answers!

BTS appreciates anime, and we appreciate their recommendations!


In a WIRED Autocomplete Interview, several members revealed that they love watching animations. V, for instance, is a huge fan of Studio Ghibli movies. He revealed, “I love Ghibli animation so much.”

Fans may be familiar with its classic films such as Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, and many more.

Spirited Away | Studio Ghibli

Suga, meanwhile, hilariously watches animations targeted at children. It wasn’t just any anime, but an edited version of one of the most iconic kid’s shows: Pororo.

There’s a lot of Korean animation coming out these days. Recently I was watching on YouTube, and Pororo came up. The editing on the video was weird, so it was funny.

— Suga


As for the other members, it was revealed that they all at least know of the iconic Korean movie Oseam. Released in 2003, it follows the close relationship between two orphans, Gami and Gilson.

Oseam | Sinabro Entertainment

From their reactions, it was obvious that BTS appreciates it as well!

V: Everyone, do you know the animation Oseam?

BTS: Of course we know!

They definitely have great taste in anime!

Check out the full video below.

Source: YouTube


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