Want To Get Fit With BTS? Dance Lessons Are Coming To Apple Fitness+

Learn their actual choreography and get in shape!

If you have ever wanted to get fit and dance like BTS, now is your chance! Apple Fitness+ is receiving some new updates in time for International Dance Day on April 29.

One of the most exciting changes is the addition of BTS dance workouts containing actual choreography from songs like “Dynamite,” “Mic Drop,” and “Permission to Dance.”

Additionally, new content will be available on its Artist Spotlight series and will contain new playlists from artists like ABBA and Queen. Check out some of the changes below, as well as a slew of BTS puns from Engadget that will make any ARMY excited to get fit with BTS!

On April 25, which by the way is the perfect date for a Spring Day, Apple will also release a new collection of workouts to ease beginners into dancing with three 20-minute guides. There will also be three 30-minute options that focus more on performance, and span categories like 80’s classics, Latin music and hip hop. That last one is great for Hip Hop Lovers.

If BTS is your Idol, this news is probably Dope. Or Fire. Apple may add more workouts based on the band’s music so Stay tuned for more. And if BTS or dance are not your thing, then Life Goes On.

— Engadget

Source: Engadget