Ariana Grande Gets Compared To BTS In The Best Possible Way

Kelly Clarkson is spitting facts and only facts.

BTS and Ariana Grande are two very different artists with their own unique sounds, but they have a few notable things in common.

Ariana Grande with six of BTS’s seven members at a rehearsal for the GRAMMYs. | @ariana/Instagram

One is HYBE Labels. Earlier this year, BTS warmly welcomed Ariana Grande to the HYBE family. These stars are now under the same umbrella, thanks to a merger between HYBE’s American branch, HYBE America, and Scooter Braun‘s investment company Ithaca Holdings.

What else do these labelmates have in common? Their adoring fans! ARMY and Arianators are two of the most passionate fandoms out there, and their love blew Kelly Clarkson away.

Kelly Clarkson and Jimmy Fallon

Kelly Clarkson, the first winner of American Idol, is now a vocal coach on another singing competition show, The Voice, along with Ariana Grande, John Legend, and Blake Shelton. During a recent interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Clarkson recalled how The Voice‘s audience reacted to each coach.

When we walk out, [the showrunners] have the coaches walk out separately. [. . .] So we’re walking out, and I go out and they’re like, ‘Yay!’ And then John goes out and they’re like, ‘Yay!’

— Kelly Clarkson

She compared the audience’s deafening, enthusiastic reaction to Ariana Grande to that of BTS. “And then Ariana goes out,” Clarkson said. “and it’s literally like BTS has entered the building. Like, they lose their minds.”

Jimmy Fallon‘s studio audience chuckled, totally getting the comparison. This small but significant moment is a shining example of how BTS went from wearing their own names on their clothing to being household names around the world.

BTS in 2013

The funniest part of this story? Blake Shelton’s reaction. “I know, Blake was like ‘Could I go before Ariana? This is embarrassing,” Clarkson said, laughing.

Watch the interview here: