K-Pop Fan’s Dog Goes Viral As He Picks His Favorite Group And Bias

He’s ARMY!

A dog is going viral among K-Pop fans for the cutest reason!

Multi-K-Pop fan and content creator Ella (@ellatalksaboutkpop on TikTok) shared a video of their dog, Barney. They explained that he appeared to be depressed, so they recommended some of their favorite K-Pop groups to see if it would help him as it helps them.

Barney (left) and Ella (right)

They played hit songs from K-Pop boy groups to see which would perk Barney up, beginning with SEVENTEEN. Barney sadly didn’t respond to “HOT.”

So, Ella played Stray Kids‘ “God’s Menu” next. Again, Barney appeared unresponsive…

Yet, once BTS‘s “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2” played, Barney sat up. So, Ella played more songs from BTS, resulting in a smile from Barney.

The video has gone viral on TikTok with 163.6K views and 50.1K likes at the time of writing.


we discoveree barneys ults today #kpop #seventeen #bts #straykids

♬ CASE 143 (Short Ver.) – Stray Kids

It also made its way to Twitter with 62.5K views and 11.9K likes. Netizens are just loving the newest member of the BTS ARMY!

Additionally, as per netizens’ request, Ella updated on whether or not Barney has a bias. So, they played members’ solo songs while showing their respective pictures, and he quickly decided on Jimin.


Replying to @Hannah should we find out ehich girl groups he stans next?? he is lowkey giving lesserafim vibes but idk for sure #bts #BarneyBestArmy #kpop

♬ CASE 143 (Short Ver.) – Stray Kids

We can’t blame Barney!

Jimin (left) and Yeontan (right)

No one can resist Jimin’s charms.

Source: ellatalksaboutkpop

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