ARMYs Go Wild Bunny-fying BTS’s Jungkook After The Hairband Ban Lifted

It was a wholesome hairband party!

During a previous fan signing event, BTS was prohibited from wearing anything on their heads, like cute bunny hairbands or flower crowns from the fans, and while it may have worked in the favor of some ARMYs, most were disappointed by this policy and complained about the restriction.


Since then, Big Hit Entertainment has reviewed the policy and lifted the hairband ban. So in the most recent fan signing events, ARMYs went even wilder in their work to turn Jungkook into what he really is – a bunny!


From the classic Zootopia Judy ears…



… to a unique Cooky band…


ARMYs really came prepared to make sure Jungkook is loud and pround of his bunny identity!



And Jungkook wore each item with such style – the level of his cuteness made many ARMY hearts skip a beat.


Jungkook looked great in some fluffy bunny ears as well…



In addition to the bunny bands, Jungkook also rocked at being different animals. He wore Dumbo ears and turned into an elephant for a good second…



… and he also rocked some flower crowns, as the blossoming prince he actually is! Check out how surreal he looks with flowers in his hair.



ARMYs had a blast dressing up the other BTS members into different things, like V as a fierce little tiger cub…


… Jimin as the sexiest pirate king we’ll ever live to see!



RM wore a traditional Korean emperor hat on his head – and truly nothing else would have fit him better than this gear!


J-Hope was, at one point, turned into a squirrel/deer mix. ARMYs can’t get enough of this cheeky J-Hope and absolutely loved the small antlers springing from the top of his head!



And Jin was, yet again, crowned for being simply Worldwide Handsome. Take a look at how deserving his looks are to be wearing a king’s crown…


… And of course, Suga, who isn’t too fond of wearing anything on his head in general, also took part in this hairband madness and sported the Apeach character like a boss. Check out how surprisingly suitable the peach item seems on his head!



With BTS actively promoting the new album in and outside South Korea, ARMYs look forward to having more opportunities like this fan signing event to get an up close and personal chance to dress the members in cute hairbands and other fun items!

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